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Win a ticket to Scratching the Surface Forum

We have four tickets to the Scratching the Surface Forum to give away. Simply contribute to this forum before November 5th 2017 for your chance to win.

For more on the forum click here

Welcome to the SA Murray Mallee Regenerative Agriculture Forum. This forum is hosted by the Murray Mallee Local Action Planning Association (MMLAP) and is designed as a trial to create an online space for people to share information about regenerative agriculture in the Murray Mallee Region of South Australia.

The MMLAP encourages contributions from farmers outside the Murray Mallee region to share their knowledge, skills and stories related to regenerative agriculture. We hope that this forum can help connect regenerative farmers and regenerative farmer groups everywhere.

We hope to encourage the community to contribute to the design of the forum and the content, so please tell us what you think and how we might improve the forum.

Please share with people you think might be interested.

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